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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

I'm an Air Force brat from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm currently in my 4th iteration of being a Colorado resident, and expect this one to last for a very, very, very long time. Married to my best friend since 1991, many people ask us if we got married when we were 12 :) I make a lot of Chicagoland references, as we lived in the Chicago suburbs from 1992 - 2003. It's amazing to me to believe we're finally back where the sun shines!

I'm a reader. I'm usually found reading, talking about reading or with other readers at BookCrossing, or doing something else "word-related". I'm a freak who loves to proofread and edit, and I can't stop :)

Most posts are public, but sometimes there is stuff that's "friends only" or "(girl)friends only". I read every comment made to any of my posts, even if I don't respond to them all.

If you like dark chocolate, we stand a good chance of being friends.