Antof9 (antof9) wrote,

Oh, happy day! New calendar!

There are those of us who like new calendars, and those of us who don't. If you don't like a new calendar, I'm not sure why we're still friends, honestly. But that's not why I'm posting.

Unk was standing in the doorway to my office this morning, talking about technology. It's possible I tuned him out a tiny bit. And then my eyes fell on the new calendar I bought yesterday. So beautiful and pristine, so full of possibility. So ready for me to start entering birthdays and recurring meetings and .... So I picked it up and showed it to him, Vanna White-like. He kept talking. So I put it in my lap and started petting it. Like this:

new calendar

Him: Look at you - all rubbing that like it's porn.

Well. I do like a new calendar.
Tags: cwu
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