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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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Oh, Father's Day
... and once again, the retail spammers of the world are conspiring to pound Father's Day into my head. Delete, delete, and delete some more. I have deleted more Father's Day emails this year than ever before. And the things they think I might buy my deceased father crack me up. Really? An iPad? Who gives $500+ gifts? I didn't even when he was alive.

I miss you, Dad. There are only so many men in this world who would drive this monster station wagon onto a ferry, with the back end hanging off, and sit on the hood for the entire trip from Turkey to Greece.

Update: brothers & sister are telling me in a most hilarious email string that this was probably Turkey to (then) Yugoslavia, which I think might be right. I vaguely remember being upset we weren't going through Greece! ferry from turkey to greece
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What a great picture. And a lovely tribute to your dad.

That pic makes me grin every time I run across it. The rest of the family was at the front of the ferry, trying to keep that end as weighted as possible :)

I distinctly remember grabbing my ditty bag out of the car because I was afraid I would lose my books when the vehicle went down in the drink!

you know that attitude is part of what I love about you: To heck with the car; save the books!

This is why I love you...you thought to grab your books!

Most important thing in the car, of course!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, friend. Thinking of you as well :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks :)

BTW, I love that you're still using that pic I took as an avi :)

That is a wonderful photo

And a wonderful memory. *Hgus*

(And I'd have done the same about the books!)

Re: That is a wonderful photo

Of course, right?

Lovely picture of your Dutch daddy. Hugs from the Low Lands!

I love the tentative chok under the wheel of the car as if that's going to stop it rolling off should the ferry lurch.

It's a great picture and I bet he was a great Dad :-)

Yes! That totally cracks me up. Because THAT is going to save the big American station wagon :)

Oh wow, that looks precarious!

Isn't it funny? That would never fly in the U.S. But in Turkey? Why not :)

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