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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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The girl who cried "skinny"
Yup, that's me: the girl who cried "wolf!" ... because, let's face it. I have so many times said, "I'm doing it! I'm losing the weight!" ad nauseam, that frankly it's a little embarrassing to talk about. Again.

And in fact, it's so "again" that I decided to wait to talk about it again until I'd actually made some progress because at minimum I could point to that and say, "see?"

Anyway, I've lost 13 pounds. And it's true that you do change a clothing size approximately every 10 lbs (who knew? my sister; that's who). So I'm doing it again. I'm giving it the old college try. I'm starting over. I'm ... well. I'm done talking and I'm doing. But I'll talk a little about it here if you're interested. Don't feel obligated. Really!

Update 5/31/2012: I've changed the address of the blog, as overweightunemployedanatevka.blogspot.com was funny but no longer accurate :)

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I love having eggs - they are so low calorie! Funny you wouldn't eat them by themselves. Unk has 5 every morning - 4 whites and one whole. He just scrambles them, peppers them heavily, and wolfs 'em down.

Two of my favorite egg things lately are:
scramble an egg or two, heat a tortilla in the microwave, put a tiny bit of cheese in the tortilla, add the eggs, roll it up like a burrito, top with sour cream and lots of salsa


Put a piece of bread in the toaster and fry an egg over medium (no runny white - that's gross). Put the egg on the toast and add salt & pepper. YUM.

My brothers keep saying "it's all math" (the calorie thing). They are, for the most part, correct :)

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