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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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The girl who cried "skinny"
Yup, that's me: the girl who cried "wolf!" ... because, let's face it. I have so many times said, "I'm doing it! I'm losing the weight!" ad nauseam, that frankly it's a little embarrassing to talk about. Again.

And in fact, it's so "again" that I decided to wait to talk about it again until I'd actually made some progress because at minimum I could point to that and say, "see?"

Anyway, I've lost 13 pounds. And it's true that you do change a clothing size approximately every 10 lbs (who knew? my sister; that's who). So I'm doing it again. I'm giving it the old college try. I'm starting over. I'm ... well. I'm done talking and I'm doing. But I'll talk a little about it here if you're interested. Don't feel obligated. Really!

Update 5/31/2012: I've changed the address of the blog, as overweightunemployedanatevka.blogspot.com was funny but no longer accurate :)

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Oh no! I'll be honest -- I didn't know that and had never heard it. And I never would have thought it would be as little as 10 lbs that could affect size, but .... I keep reading that that's pretty standard! Who knows...

I don't think I knew you'd lost 25 pounds! That's amazing! I'm pretty sure that you've actually gone down a size, given your descriptions :)

The key question is how you're doing it? Keeping weight down requires a strategy for life, not just a diet regimen that lasts a few weeks. But anyway, well done so far! :)

So far this year I've lost >20 pounds just by not eating meat. I can go on doing that indefinitely, but still haven't found a stable alternative way of eating. On the one hand I don't want big portions of carbs, on the other I don't want to waste away just snacking on flatbread with houmous! Let's see how it goes...

Btw, it's ad nauseAM, not ad nauseum.

I swear that's what I typed! Thanks -- I've fixed it :)

And yes, the "how" is important. The great thing is I'm not on a diet (I think they're pants), but I am doing a much better job of just plain being aware of my caloric intake. For me, that's really what matters.

I'm not a big meat eater, but I don't really see any reason to give it up altogether. Especially not when my garlic-lime chicken dinner was one of the lowest calorie things I ate this week!

What are you eating for protein (besides hummus)? That would be my biggest concern about a non-meat diet.

Well, I'm not counting fish as meat. And I eat eggs and cheese. That deals with protein, I hope. So I'm not strictly vegetarian and certainly not vegan. But that's not what I care about anyway - I simply buy a lot of the health concerns about eating meat.

My chief pre-occupation in non-meat-eating is with finding a structure to eating. For most of my life, a piece of some kind of meat has been the centrepiece of regular dishes you make without thinking, and suddenly it's not any more. Bacon and eggs, for example, is the most common British breakfast. Do I now just fry eggs? It doesn't really grab. I end up just eating toast!

Your focus on calorie intake is eminently reasonable. People who sell the idea to the overweight that they are somehow victims are doing them a great disservice. It's all about comparing how many calories you shove in your mouth and how many you burn off. That simple. And we're all responsible for how much food we guzzle!

I love having eggs - they are so low calorie! Funny you wouldn't eat them by themselves. Unk has 5 every morning - 4 whites and one whole. He just scrambles them, peppers them heavily, and wolfs 'em down.

Two of my favorite egg things lately are:
scramble an egg or two, heat a tortilla in the microwave, put a tiny bit of cheese in the tortilla, add the eggs, roll it up like a burrito, top with sour cream and lots of salsa


Put a piece of bread in the toaster and fry an egg over medium (no runny white - that's gross). Put the egg on the toast and add salt & pepper. YUM.

My brothers keep saying "it's all math" (the calorie thing). They are, for the most part, correct :)

The burning it off is equally important, too

And for me, personally, I think that's the biggest (and most difficult) part. I have not been successful in shedding the 25 pounds I've packed on in the last 5 years. I actually quit Curves last fall because I just could not muster the energy to go, after putting in a full day's work. That was sad for me because I did enjoy it but I just couldn't do it. I now know for certain that my extreme low thyroid (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) played a big role in my utter lack of energy) and in fact, was thrilled with the diagnosis; I expected the pounds to just fall away as soon as the thyroid meds kicked in and my energy began to return. Not so.

So, it's back to Curves as soon as school is out, and I do try to do the Leslie Sansone walk at home program (but have been a bit of a slug in that, as well)

Anyhow, keep up the good work.

Edited at 2012-05-22 03:12 am (UTC)

Re: The burning it off is equally important, too

How's it going, friend? Is school out yet there? I'm thinking it should be any minute if it's not yet. I hadn't heard about your diagnosis, but I'm glad you got it if it gets you on the right meds and helps you figure out what makes you feel better.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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