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Another post started & never finished: Dragon Tattoo, redux

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday a month or so ago that we were going to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I got a bunch of questions about the book, the original, etc., etc., so I decided it was time for a blog entry ... it's only been like 5 months since I blogged, right?

Q: Have you read the book?
Yes, I read the first two books with my book club and then had to read the third because I'm OCD about series.

Q: Do you recommend it?
I honestly don't recommend it. If I can have a conversation with someone about it, then I'll tell them that it's really heavy subject matter, that the original title was something along the lines of "Men Who Hate Women", that it's upsetting, that the mystery in it is fascinating, and then I'll say again that it's upsetting and warn you from reading it. Frankly, it was the mystery in the first one that kept me reading. But it's not light reading and in fact is upsetting reading, and no, I don't recommend it. Also? Lots and lots of (Swedish) political/news junkie stuff in it that could have been edited down a bit.

Q: Did you like the original movies, subtitles and all?
See my answer to the previous question. "Like" isn't the word I'd use. They're VERY well done. Very. And I didn't feel like I was "reading" a movie. But I'd already read the books. And I couldn't believe they'd attempt to re-make them. Surprisingly violent. Also, cold - so much "greyscale" that they are almost black and white films and I watched all three wrapped in blankets.

Q: Did you like the new one?
It was also surprisingly good. I thought I'd think it surprisingly Hollywood AND sanitized, and I don't think it was. Daniel Craig was great. Rooney Mara was great, but the whole time I was watching it, I thought, "what does her family think of this?" I didn't so much like the way they handled the unfolding of the mystery or the annual flower pictures.

I had more to say and more questions to answer, but I have a short memory and can't find the FB post where all the questions were, so ... that's it. And now I have an awfully boring but more current blog entry up. So there's that.
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