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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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Oh, Lane Bryant ....
Opened yesterday's mail to find this pic on the cover of a flyer from Lane Bryant (I later read online that they call it a "magalog" which is just another reason to cancel my card with them, if you ask me):

I did tweet that I thought it was inappropriate last night, and a bunch of others agreed with me because their feed was about 20 apologies in a row, but I thought I could better articulate it on their Facebook page. So I wrote this:
I've been shopping at Lane Bryant -- almost exclusively -- for about 16 years. I love the clothes, I love the fit, I love that I can find non-muumuu, trendier clothes in my size ... I could go on and on. However, the current flyer/catalog (I read you call it a "magalog"? ouch, that's bad) really gave me a bad taste in my mouth. I appreciate the attempt at "real women". I appreciate that it's an attractive picture. What I can't appreciate is that you made the choice to make it a cover photo. If you just thought it was a great photo and were all "real women" and "embrace curves", blah blah blah, it could have been on the inside where no one but the women who shop at Lane Bryant would have seen it. Choosing to place it on the cover tells me you just wanted to be titillating. Shocking for shock's sake doesn't make me shop at your store. Are you marketing to me, or my husband?

Here's the thing: years ago, my husband asked me to not to get the Victoria's Secret catalog anymore. Because I respect him, I cancelled mailings from them. When I saw this in the mail yesterday, it took me right back to that time. Really, it raises all kinds of questions. Why do you want half-naked girls on the cover of a CLOTHING CATALOG?! Are you selling half-naked women? Last time I checked, you would actually *prefer* that I buy both a top and bottoms. Wouldn't that be better for your bottom line?

Please hear me: I don't think it's pushing any sort of homosexual agenda, as some have noted. I don't think it's not a beautiful shot. However, I *do* think it's almost soft-core porn. I do think it's very clear none of those women is wearing a top or bra (ironic, because I happen to know you sell both). And the only conclusion I can draw is that you chose that pic because you knew it would be shocking. Putting that pic on the front means you are not marketing to me. You're basically just opting for the old "all publicity is good publicity" thing.

I'm sad, because I always felt like you actually DID understand me and my preferences, and now I know you don't. Do I want to look like those girls? Sure! But they don't need to be half-naked on the cover for me to want to look like them.

Women who receive your catalog have husbands and sons who don't need to see that. Have some decency. Think about your customers. Don't turn in to Victoria's Secret. Make nice clothes for us and sell them tastefully. I expected more from you, Lane Bryant. I'm also thankful that Old Navy now has plus sizes on line. We can "embrace our curves" with clothes on them, you know.

They replied nicely but cluelessly:
Hi Margaret - Thank you for notifying us of your thoughts regarding the Lane Bryant September magalog cover. Its intent is to feature a group of beautiful women proudly showing their figures and empowering our customers to embrace their own curves. We appreciate your opinion and apologize for any displeasure the photo may have caused you.
Again, we value your opinion and that you took the time to share it, and we will continue to offer the fashion and quality you expect from us.

Which I felt compelled to correct:
No; your intent was to shock. Please don't try to couch it in marketing spin. The women who get your catalog are intelligent, professional, world-wise women. Again I'll say: curves can be embraced with clothes on. Showing me half-naked girls who are too big to be "regular-sized" models doesn't "empower me to embrace my curves". Please. They don't even have back fat! You've made me laugh. Thanks.

And then I reminded them of this example of theirs which is utterly gorgeous (and ironically contains many of the same models):

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I love it, girl! Yes, Lane Bryant does still sell tops and bras! I don't know how nudity helps sell those either. And I agree 100% with every single word you said. You took the words right out of my mouth! -@m1ssdiagnosis

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I know you won't mind that I disagree - the one on the far left does have back fat. ;)

hee hee! It's true she has an actual crease. But is that from turning, or is it actual back fat? I've been wondering since it came to the house :)

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Really? The old using-sex-to-sell-stuff bit doesn't make you feel empowered? Gosh, I'm empowered right down to my toes by that picture. Even my back fat is empowered!

I'm laughing so hard, I actually shook my chair on that one :)

So glad your back fat is empowered too!

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No doubt this is just me being oblivious to sexual innuendo, but I don't find the pic offensive or shocking. I thought they just looked like mermaids! And then I looked at it more closely and I saw women whose tummies stick out like mine sticks out, and that they have jeans that are supposedly pushing the tummy in, I guess, rather than the tummy hanging over the jeans. The pic is able to show how the tops of the jeans fit against the tummy, which to me is important because jeans can be uncomfortable and dig in. I didn't realise the women were supposed to be fat or that this was supposed to be empowering though! I actually get the feeling these women are just letting their tummies hang out, by pushing them out, and if they stood up straight and exercised their stomach muscles, they'd have flat tummies.

They're not supposed to be fat :) It's just that Lane Bryant sells "plus size" clothes, and this pic is rather laughable in that no one or almost no one who shops at Lane Bryant actually looks like these women.

Now that you mention it though, it does look like the middle girl and perhaps the far right one are pushing out their tummies. Now do you feel empowered? :)

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Yes, "magalog" is among the most offensive of this whole thing :)

You hit the nail on the head, I think. Someone on FB said, "they're not embracing their curves, they're embracing EACH OTHER!"

Which sums it up well :)

I've been in a quandary for the last week or so, because really their bras do fit me best, and they by far have the best selection of tops in my size. Ironically, I used to only buy jeans from them, but then they changed their whole jean *thing* and I was forced to go elsewhere for jeans. Fortunately, I've found 18 talls from Old Navy (online only) that fit perfectly, so it's what I buy now. But I'd be naked on the bottom if I hadn't found them.

Someone on the FB page was complaining that people were complaining about it. I asked, "why? when someone does something you don't like, don't you tell them?" She never answered, of course. But I've been thinking that this bugged me and I told them, so now I will probably still shop there but I'm not happy with them right now :)

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Lane Bruant photo - inappropriate

This is an interesting blog. I agree with it 100% & more. I really got disgusted the more I got involved with LB.

First I called them & canceled my account. They offered me 40% discount to stay (I didn't know they were already offering 40% discount on everything). Then I logged onto facebook & looked up Lane Bryant to voice my opinion.

After reading others' disappointments, & the "arguments" that shocked me even more. I could not believe the comments that people were praising the photo. The rote LB comment rubbed me raw also. The more I read the more disgusted I became.

I started a facebook page BOYCOTT LANE BRYANT: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Boycott-Lane-Bryant/155055161245404?sk=wall

Then I found out someone else had started a BOYCOTT A LANE BRYANT group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/128019003963522/

I really would like to see this impact LB financially. Maybe that is the only way they understand our opinion counts for something.


Re: Lane Bruant photo - inappropriate

Thanks for your comment, Skye. It's been an interesting exercise in marketing, social media, and taste, I think. I'm honestly not sure yet if I will boycott them. I'm sort of waiting to see what action they're going to take next, I think. Thanks for your links, though -- I'll check them out!

I think their next "magalog" should contain their marketing team wearing their underwear and a banner that says, "We're sorry."

Also, I don't think that's back fat. It's from her turning. They don't use women with fat rolls. I feel so unempowered because of it! I wish they would empower me. *sniff*

I wish I could write like you do. You said exactly what I was thinking. And I'm glad you answered their stupid reply too. You rock! :)

You're sweet! Thanks :)

I'm thinking the comments you have had here indicate a different perspective between the US and Europe? I think the picture is great, and in the alternative you offer they just look like very ordinary over-weight women, not models I would aspire to emulate necessarily. Speaking as an over-weight woman, the original picture gives me confidence. As appleshoelace said, I see women with stomachs like mine, so I would most certainly, if I lived in the US and had the money, consider buying those jeans. They aren't actually showing their boobs, so I don't understand the problem at all. I see a lot more than they are showing every time I pass a beach.....and with a lot more fat showing all over too.

I have to give you a "you go girl" just for going to the effort of giving them a well-thought argument based on your convictions. I think that's awesome.

You go girl!

That said, I do agree with the posters here who say they don't see anything salacious about it. It just looks like a beautiful picture to me. But I don't feel strongly about it either way.

I'm not necessarily offended by the picture but I do wonder why "Tighter Tummy Technology" requires the models to be topless.

It's a question for the ages. And honestly, if the pic had been inside the "magalog" (gosh, that hurts to type), I'd probably have thought it was dumb but not thought any more about it.

they are selling jeans!

This ADVERTISEMENT was meant to show off lane bryant's new line of jeans. Hens the emphasis. I don't know why everyone is up in arms over this picture... no one throws a hissy-fit when the average-size stores advertise with half naked women. we as a society are so brainwashed into thinking that FAT women are not beautiful that we react like this to a denim advertisement. maybe all the people out there focusing on the top half of these women should try some therapy... because the first thing i noticed was all the new jeans lane bryant had to offer. i guess we know what's on your mind///

Re: they are selling jeans!

Another (conveniently anonymous) comment I'm unscreening to re-make my point. Please understand that I. Do. Not. Want. Half-Naked. Women. On. The. Cover. Of. My. Catalogs. Period.

It bugs my husband - is there anything wrong with me respecting his wishes and not having catalogs like this in the house?

I'm not "throwing a hissy fit" about average-sized stores and their advertisements because I DO NOT SHOP THERE. Thus, (or "hence", since that's a word I think you like) I do not have their (clothed OR unclothed) catalogs in my house. It's the catalog THAT CAME TO MY HOUSE that I am complaining about.

The first thing I noticed was the two girls on the left-hand side of the picture, and that most likely their boobs were touching during the photo shoot. Yes, I guess you DO know what's on my mind -- EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE GOING FOR WHEN THEY PUT THIS ON THE COVER.

Thank you for proving my point.

One of the things I appreciate about you is that you don't just talk about writing a company about something you like/don't like, you actually do it.

Gold star!

LB facebook page

I went to the Lane Bryant Page (like many others) to give my opinion about the poster / picture from the stores and catalog...it would be so easy if we just give our opinion and go!...but you find this group of women attacking, insulting and harassing on behalf of the company, the worst thing is that YOU MODERATOR allows it!... as it shows in this post:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

It is a problem when marketing sexualized woman 'to make a point' it becomes very normal in society...Do they always have to show women as sexual objects to sell anything? The sad thing is that Women (?) are defending the roots of Violence againts themselves!

A good friend wrote the following:

"It is degrading when I see half naked women and men promoting something you wear ( like 'abercrombie' / 'axe' deodorant) ...or something you eat (like carls Jr)….or even an amazing message about the beauty of woman (the mermaid and the whale).

Campaign's like PETA 'I’d rather go naked than wear fur' ...Cancer Awareness (Bracelets, T-shirts and stickers asking everyone to “Save the Tatas,” “Save Second Base,” and “Save the Boobies.” to name a few) this campaigns don’t make you think about the horrors of cancer or animal cruelty...they only sexualize women under the guise of raising money for a good cause."


Re: LB facebook page

I don't actually understand what the (conveniently anonymous) poster above is saying, so I almost didn't unscreen this comment. However, they seem to be under the impression that *I'm* the moderator of the Lane Bryant page, so I felt compelled to unscreen it and reply to it. I am not the moderator of the Lane Bryant FB page. Believe you me; I am not.

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