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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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Is it really a *Special Feature* if it's completely superfluous?
me n unk

His n Hers
Originally uploaded by Antof9.
Over 17+ years of marriage, I've noticed some similar things about my husband and his 3 brothers. They have very similar voices (Unk and youngest BIL in particular). For the most part, they seem to like similar foods. They have the same point at the apex of their eyebrows. They have similar (i.e., 12-year-old) senses of humor. They all wear socks in the house. All the time.

Which brings us to something my PSIL and I have noticed: they all wear the same socks! Maybe that's not so odd -- quite possibly 50% of American men wear Hanes socks. They're very common, they come in different lengths, they're sold in packs of 6 ...

Either way, it's funny to be in a room with 4 men, all of whom have on the gray/grey-colored toe and heel pictured here, when you're used to only seeing that on your husband. So from time to time, PSIL* and I just feel compelled to point out, "you all have on the same socks!" for fun :)

All that to say, imagine my surprise when I recently found the GIRL version of these at Target! How capital-F Fun! Now I have the pink girl version of the Unk family boy socks! Of course, I immediately told PSIL so she could get some for herself and the sweet one who made me Antof11.

It's amazing that one person can babble on for 4 paragraphs about socks, but frankly, I'm very talented. So here's the funny part of the whole story:
The package of "pink girl version of Unk's socks" is a package of 6, and I love them. As I was taking the last of the socks out of the plastic bag in which they came, I noticed some small print near the top: "Resealable Bag". "That's nice," I thought, "this bag reseals!" A second later, I thought some more. Why would I want to reseal this bag? Why would anyone want to reseal this bag? I mean, really. Who buys socks and KEEPS THEM IN THE BAG THEY CAME IN?! Don't you either wear them or wash them or put them in your sock drawer? Why on earth would the bag need to be resealable?! I have no idea*.
I'm also suspicious that the girl version isn't quite as "sturdy" as the boy version. And about this I shall complain.

*PSIL is my aforementioned Polish Sister-in-Law
*I'm fully aware that a "thrifty" person might re-use a plastic bag that happens to be resealable, so it's not beyond the range of comprehension that this could be useful, but still. A resealable sock bag? Please. And seriously, who is going to put food in a bag that held socks?

You could even ask questions like: Why do socks have to be in a bag to buy them in?

another Very Good Point!

They could have been tied together with string!

And I like how you can talk for 6 paragraphs about socks!

You are a true friend :)

(and I love your icon!)

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There's certainly something similar to nuts in this response. ;-)

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Bag is resealable so that you can remove a pair in the at home or in the store to check the size without having to tear the bag, preventing you/random poor store employee from having to 'reseal' the bag with copious amounts of packing tape.

While that actually is a brilliant-albeit-smartass deduction, it won't work either. They're resealable and "store security" sealed. Kind of like the processed shredded cheese bags -- you rip off the top, and what remains is researlable.

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I've been amazed recently at the variety of things that come in resealable bags--office supplies, underwear...you name it, it can be resealed. It actually turns out to be handy for me, as I use surplus plastic bags to contain the...*ahem*...deposits from the kitties' litter box. I like to seal or tie these off before depositing them in the trash barrel, lest they come open and be TOO disgusting for the poor trash guys.

HEY! I should send the bag to YOU!

Now THAT ... is a good idea!

*imagines Hanes packaging meeting: OK, what else should be on the bag? Cat-loving employee answers: well ... if we made the bag resealable, then people could put their kitty litter stuff in it and throw it away ... Executive rolls eyes and realizes that the granolas AND cat-lovers in the room will love this idea so says, "yes, that's a great idea. make it happen. Next?"*

** My grandmother. She has put food in the plastic bags that the NEWSPAPER comes in.

Do keep us updated on how these socks hold up! I love my Hanes underwear.

And I don't mean food that's already in a container. I mean, like, loaves of banana bread.

I love the way you can babble for so many paragraphs about socks. That's why I heart you :D

MAybe the resealable bag is meant for taking the socks for trips? Dunno... everything seems to come in those bags, lately...

That was me, LJ kicked me out for some reason! :O

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There is a picture that my mum has of me, my sister, her, my uncle (her brother) and his two boys ... because we all have the same *feet* - very narrow at the back, broad and wedge like by the toes. My aunt pointed it out one hot summer when they were visiting from the US and we'd all been sitting in the garden.

But we don't keep our feet in bags, resealable or otherwise...


My sister and her oldest son have my dad's feet. It's funny to see. But I think they don't keep them in bags either :)

Okay. When you all get together next time I want a picture of all of you in matching socks!


I wear the same socks! Can I join the family???

HEY! What are my hubby's socks doing on Ant's LJ?!?!


In fact, he, his dad, AND my dad all wear the same gray-toed/gray-heeled tube-sock Hanes. The hubs has worn them for so long that his calves are hairless!! (OMG if he knew I was telling People On The Internet that, I would be *so* divorced.)

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Hail fellow sock freak, Sockie McSockperson!

I am with socks the way some women are with shoes and handbags: I have far too many. Nevertheless, matching pairs are difficult to produce at any given moment. Mostly I get round this by having lots of interchangeable white tennis socks.

But I also have TWO full sets with the days of the week on them. The hard part is remembering what day it is. Checking the socks you wore yesterday often helps. And MrsTroll gave me a pair at Christmas with my name on, in case I forget it.

Here's a piece of useless information you are now doomed never to forget: hanes is the Welsh word for history (two syllables: han-ess).


Quirky Things We Didn't Know About Mike ....

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good POINT! I don't ever think Unk is going to try stealing mine!

Isn't it nice of Hanes that they sell their socks in a bag you can release a book in?

Who says the Dutch aren't thrifty?


Having worked at Target, I suspect the resealable bag is for the retailer. Do you have any idea how many people tear open a bag to look at the socks or undies inside, then don't buy them? They just leave them lying. Now, when you go to buy some socks, you'd see a torn-open bag. Would you buy it at full price? Most likely not. We want the merchandise we buy to look pristine. When I worked there, Target had some plastic bags for the main lines of undies and multi-pack socks. They could repack these torn-open products so that they looked just fine and put them back out again.

Since then I have always washed brand new underwear before I've worn it.

Since then I have always washed brand new underwear before I've worn it.

ohhhhhh dear.

Me too!