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Book List: 2009

Because I Like to Track Things, here is the start of my 2009 book list. And although I usually wait until I've read a couple of books to start each year's new list; I'm SO DANG HAPPY to be done with Martin Chuzzlewit, I couldn't resist posting before I did another thing. In triumph, I posted my book review on BookCrossing, Goodreads, and the Visual Bookshelf on Facebook. And then I created this entry. Yes, I'm that happy to be done with that book!

So this will be The Place of The List for the rest of the year. I don't know if it's better to start off with an almost-impossible-to-finish Dickens than a trashy romance novel :)

1. Martin Chuzzlewit (for BBC)
2. The Innocent Man
3. Hitty: Her First Hundred Years (readthenewberys)
4. Such a Pretty Fat
5. Man Walks Into a Room
6. Grendel (for BBC)
7. Gilead
8. August
9. Middlesex (for BBC)
10. Waterless Mountain (readthenewberys)
11. Le Mariage
12. Smilla's Sense of Snow
13. Little Women (re-read)
14. The Lost World
15. Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze (readthenewberys)
16. Lady's Maid
17. Austenland
18. Invincible Louisa (readthenewberys) (re-read)
19. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
20. Pontoon
21. Great Expectations (for BBC)
22. What is the What (for BBC)
23. Step-Ball-Change
24. Marshmallows for Breakfast
25. Bound South
26. Snow in August (re-read for BBC)
27. He's Just Not That Into You
28. On What Grounds
29. Through the Grinder
30. The Last Templar
31. Certain Girls
32. The Little Lady Agency (re-read)
33. Little Lady, Big Apple (re-read)
34. Liberating Paris
35. Dobry (readthenewberys)
36. Latte Trouble
37. Murder Most Frothy
38. Decaffeinated Corpse
39. French Pressed
40. The Historian
41. Water for Elephants
42. Boychiks in the Hood
42. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
43. The Friday Night Knitting Club

Books I tried to read in 2009:
To Dance with the White Dog

Books read and attempted in 2008
Books read and attempted in 2007
Books read and attempted in 2006
Books read and attempted in 2005
Books read and attempted in 2004
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