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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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a drive-by posting

A shop window of blues
Originally uploaded by Antof9.
I am really enjoying my time with teotakuu. Really. Need I say more? We get to see jugglingpfoole again this afternoon, and hopefully a few other local BookCrossers for coffee.

This is us, at a tea-that-wasn't-really-a-tea (but was still nice) this morning. Fun to get dressed up, too -- usually BookCrossers are wearing BookCrossing t-shirts when you see them together!

Forgot to say...
The centerpieces were my teapots :)
Unk says "I don't know why you'd think the kitchen smells like flowers..."

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Aww, you are both so lucky!! Wish I were there too. :)

Give teotakuu and jugglingpfoole a hug from me! (That way they hug count will almost be even.)

Wow - that is such a lovely picture of you both. And you look like you're both having lots of fun. :-)

Looking great. :o)
And the flowers are beautiful too.

Aw! Great pic!
and isn't she a darling?

You are so beautiful Ant and so is Otakuu. I love the shades of blue.

Those flower teapots are fabulous! :) So cheery.
I actually thought of you this week and was wishing I could peruse your yummy healthy recipe stash! After travel, travel and more travel we are home and *really* committed to eating healthy around here right now! I love the Asian Chicken Pasta Salad we made at our Red Rocks gals cooking class. Do you have any other tasty suggestions?!?

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