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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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Snow after Tax Day!

Snow: April 16, 2008
Originally uploaded by Antof9.
Yes, it snowed here today. It started around noon, and is still going at 11:30 at night! I couldn't believe I'd get another chance this season to wear reggiesgirl2's scarf, but I needed it when I walked down to get the mail :)

So today I had two flashes of brilliance. Or maybe flashes of stupidity. That is, flashes of things I should have known before, and now that I have remembered them, I'm brilliant.

The first was a realization about all those 80s movies I've always said I missed. It occurred to me today that perhaps -- perhaps -- the reason (or a reason?) I haven't seen them is because I wasn't watching R-rated movies back then. I don't remember having a real deep or meaningful reason why I didn't, but I know there was a long period of time where I intentionally wasn't watching R movies. I realize those weren't all rated R, but some of them were. Just a thought.

Second, I realized that when I got my hair cut last week, I told my chica that I part my hair on the left. I believe that was incorrect, and I normally let my hair part itself on the right. What was I thinking? Normally it would be irrelevant. But now that I have almost-bangs (almost "fringe" for my friends in Foreign), it actually does matter! Dangit! My faux bangs are all wrong. Perhaps it's retribution for calling my sister Square Face.

Regular blog readers will recognize my back deck, as I've posted first snows, surprisingly big snows, and late-Spring snows before. This cracks me up -- Unk just put the patio furniture out last Tuesday. wandererjen and I and our friend Scottie used it over the weekend and earlier in the week, and we all have sun on our faces from sitting out and reading. And now we have about 3 inches of snowfall. And it's still coming down :)

back deck, April 16, 2008
Originally uploaded by Antof9.
We've seen this angle before! Normally, you can see the foothills in the background of this shot, but they're covered in snow.
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Heh! It was 70F, clear and sunny here yesterday (more of the same today and tomorrow as well)! :op

>>Normally, you can see the foothills in the background of this shot<<

I've seen those "foothills". They're taller than any of the "mountains" within a day's drive of here!

Actual conversation with son (looking over my shoulder) while I was reading your entry.

"Who's that?"
"Yes, isn't she?"
"Nice scarf."
"Observant boy - I'll tell her you said so."
pause in conversation as he leaves and then stops to call over his shoulder
"Wait, Ant......that's Predictie McLeaverson!"
Me - laughing - "Yes!"
"Well Mom, you know who she looks like?"
"No, I'm requesting answer. WHO does she, Predictie, Ant, etc. Look like?"
"She looks like Carly on American Idol!"

Earthquakes in the Midwest and an American Idol blogophite who bears a resemblance to our favorite female Idol. What is UP with the world these days?

: < )

Edited at 2008-04-18 11:24 pm (UTC)

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