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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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I know where the wardrobe team shopped
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In my ongoing, aforementioned 80s Movie Re-education, we watched Can't Buy Me Love last night, which was darling. Complete with a pre-rhinoplasty/pre-voice-change Patrick Dempsey (and yes, alrescate, he is aping Lyle Lovett in this movie!), it has a lot more in common with my Generic 80s Memories than the previous 3 (Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, and Dirty Dancing, for the uninformed). In fact, it has SO much in common with me that I owned some of the clothes in the movie! How bizarre is that? (and what about wearing that sweater in Tucson? HOT!)

Pictured here, is one very bad quality shot of me from (if you can believe it) my Disc camera, and one surprisingly good quality shot taken of the tv from my iPhone. And yes, we are wearing the same sweater! She got the one that was yellow-tinted; I chose the black/white/grey version.

In the New Year's Eve Party scene, the same actress is wearing dressy slacks/pants in a cream/offwhite color that I also owned. In fact, it was a mix-y match-y separates thing. I had the pants in the cream, and a gorgeous red, and blazers in both colors, plus a silky tank in the red and also in solid black. Sadly, I couldn't find pictures of me in any combination of those pieces.

All that to say, it's possible that the Esprit sweater was purchased in any number of stores in 1987, but that in combination with the dress pants of NYE tells me that the wardrobe people for this movie most likely spent at least a little time at The Bon (or Bon Marché, as it was known before Macy's bought it). I worked at the one in Great Falls, MT, from whence I get a soft spot in my heart for all people who work retail. Of course, that's also the place I got the snotty-I-expect-actual-customer-service attitude, too, but that's an entry for another day.

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>>one very bad quality shot of me from (if you can believe it) my Disc camera<<

Ummm, I hate to point this out, but I'm not sure that the Disc camera was capable of taking good pictures. Between the low quality optics and the exceedingly small negatives, I find it amazing that the thing stayed on the market even as long as it did...

LOL! Yeah, I'm not sure any pics from mine were any good. Bummer.

How funny is that?!?

I enjoyed that movie a lot. Unlike the other three you mentioned, which I now have to be in the mood to watch, that's one I enjoy seeing whenever it's on cable. :^)

Actually...I believe I have an old copy of it taped from the TV...

hee hee! Did you watch it tonight?

Such a hip Mant! Dressing like a movie star!

I *thought* he was a Lyle-wanna-be....

Yup -- that's me -- styling like a stah!

I had a disc camera once!

Love the sweater. Did you have a Swatch to go with it? That sweater is just crying out for a pink and gray Swatch...

1. wasn't the disc camera COOL?!

2. ohmyword, how did you know??????

You found it!!! Very sexy. ;)

Except for the fact Espirit wasn't in Ireland then, you have just described my entire 80s wardrobe, except for the flirtation with puffball skirts and the like, Oh! and the legwarmers. Flashdance!!

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