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Speaking in parenthetical phrases

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WAY smarter now

new glasses AND scarf
Originally uploaded by Antof9.
I'm sure of it. Here are the new specs.

And to give me an additionally fabulous day, I got a package in the mail from the overly generous reggiesgirl2, which contained, among other things, this lovely-and-perfectly-weighted scarf. The smell you smell is me, being spoiled.

Ant, happy to have a "smartypants" icon now.

Thanks! I'm pretty happy with 'em :)

I must say, you look very pretty.(nice scarf)


Thanks! It's the scarf for sure :)

(and love the icon!)

Gorgeous gal, super specs, stupendous scarf - who could ask for anything more?!

If it helps at all, I have a pair of granny specs tucked in my handbag for those moments when my arms aren't long enough or the script was written by Lilliputians. Welcome to the maturing mellowly club

LOL and *big grins*

We used to tease my dad that his arms weren't as long as his eyesight was bad. Serves me right!

(Deleted comment)
awwwww thanks! Flattery will get you everywhere :)

Nice specs!

Remember though to monitor styles as they change. It took me a while to notice that the style I favoured (kind of like Rayban aviators) seemed to also be the choice of serial killers and mass murderers.

I have different specs now.

Thanks for the warning. I was going more for Lisa Loeb than Ted Bundy, it's true. I'll try to stay alert :)

We all need a smartypants icon, yessirree!

Your specs are sex!

and your smartypants icon is positively brill!

Oh my gosh. For a moment there, I thought I'd logged on to hotsmartchicks.com then realised it was only my friends list which might as well be renamed hotsmartchicks.com. Wolf whistling from way over here ;) Loving the spec(tacular)s!

*wonders if that website actually exists...*

Nice glasses!

Whit Woo! Get you!

Specs rock! And your hair is just fab!

*looks at toes and grins to self*

Who was the idiot who said, "Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses?" Unk had better watch out!


LOL! Actually, it sounds like something my grandmother says :)

(and that icon is making my eyes water!!!!)

(Deleted comment)
That is the best compliment EVAR!

Thanks for the support over the last 2 days :)

As we say here in Olde New England, you look wickid smaht.

That was my goal! I can die happy.

And I heart your icon too :)

The smile needs to be bigger - you look tres' glam!

LOVE the new specs and the great scarf. Yes, 40 can be a slippery slope but this valley wasn't so bad - you got to accessorize and glam it up a bit. (And, I promise you there are some interesting ascents ahead too!) *giggle

Enjoy the crisper, clearer new world!

Thanks! All the ones with the big smile made me look too fat :)

... but trust me, there were some!

Thanks :)

See? I told you you'd look fab! And you do.

You're such a know-it-all! :)

Whoa. The smartitude you exude! It makes my head hurt.
But my eyes are all kinds of happy. You look great! :o)

My favorite kind of 'tude!

You make me smile :)

(and your little dogs too)